Standardized instrument for lingual pressure measurement


Disease-related atrophy of the tongue muscles can lead to diminished lingual strength and swallowing difficulties. The devastating physical and social consequences resulting from this condition of oropharyngeal dysphagia have prompted investigators to study the effects of tongue exercise in improving lingual strength. We developed the Madison Oral Strengthening Therapeutic (MOST) device, which provides replicable mouth placement, portability, affordability, and a simple user interface. Our study (1) compared the MOST to the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI), a commercial pressure-measuring device, and (2) identified the optimal tongue pressure sampling rate for isometric exercises. While initial use of the MOST is focused on evaluating and treating swallowing problems, it is anticipated that its greatest impact will be the prevention of lingual muscle mass and related strength diminishment, which occurs even in the exponentially increasing population of healthy aging adults.